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Have you ever lost a balloon?
BalLoonytic is a fun and colourful tilt based game for iPhone and iPod Touch. Can you guide your lost balloon home without touching the sides, while avoiding the obstacles?

  • Challenges your steadiness of hand and your wits
  • Colourful, quality graphics
  • Local High Score
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.

Avoid touching the obstacles, spikes and mushrooms..

..beware of tumbleweed, acorns, rocks and more - dodge them if you can..

..and guide your balloon to the exit marker on each screen to proceed.

Balloonytic review
Brilliant app
Strangely addicting and a good challenge

- Lukeee P

Fun with high quality graphics
This is a fun little game with really lovely illustrations and animations. Great gameplay.

- Andrew MacBook

Beautiful graphics! Super gameplay!
First thing that grabbed me about this game was the quality of the graphics - absolutely stunning and a pleasure to look at! ..
..Worth the money for the graphics alone but that is only the icing on the cake!

- Pets Allowed
Where can I get support?

Please submit any support requests via the Contact form.

What does it cost?

There are several prices depending of your location in the world. In the UK the app is £0.69, in America $0.99 and Europe €0.79.

For other areas, please follow the links to the App Store.

Where can I get it?

BalLoonytic is available through the iTunes App Store, please use one of the links at the top or bottom of this page.

Does BalLoonytic work on the iPad?

Yes, though at present the images are seen either at iPhone size at 100%, or pixel doubled at 200%. A full iPad version may be available in the future.

About the app

BalLoonytic is a tilt based game with it's roots in the 'wire & buzzer' games that challenge steadiness of hands and fine motor skills.

Can you guide your lost balloon back without touching the sides, while avoiding the obstacles?

The game has 12 screens with 3 in each setting : town, cactus patch, woods and caves. There are spikes and mushrooms to avoid - tumbleweed, acorns and rocks to dodge - and a few other obstacles to test your wits.

Your balloon can bounce against the other objects (houses etc) 10 times before it will burst and send you back to the start of the screen. Each completed screen records your score, and allows you to proceed to the next level - if you have scored above 0. Higher scores are achieved by increasing your speed and reducing your 'Ouches'. During each circuit, you can revisit completed levels to improve their score - but score 0 and you will be set back to this level. A high score is recorded when the balloon is brought home.

Complete all screens to bring the balloon back to it's owner. Once complete you can play again to improve your skills and better the high score.

How to play
Tilt your device left, right, back and forward to guide your balloon around the screen.

Key Features
• Fun and simple to play
• Minutes to learn, hours to master
• Colourful, quality graphics
• Local scores for each screen
• Local High Score

About the developer

Moose Media Ltd is a UK based company producing art for print and online, specialising in illustration, games and educational environments for children.

With over 20 years experience in the design and interactive industries, BalLoonytic is the first application that Moose Media Ltd has developed for iOS. For more information please visit

BalLoonytic was developed using the Corona SDK.

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The Team

App Screenshots

BalLoonytic 1.0

Released on 20/12/11
  • New: Version 1.0 general release for iOS through the App Store.

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